Development of Human Rights Library

Using funds of Canadian International Development Agency, the Canadian Embassy has decided to finance Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo project named “ Development of Human Rights Library ”. Project activities started on 15 February 2005 and lasted until 15 August 2005. An analysis of chosen domestic and international curricula in human rights education, and research of needs of professors, students and experts in human rights, democracy and similar fields for expert literature has been conducted as part of the project. Based on this research a list of necessary domestic and foreign publications is collected, elaborated and set in the Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo library collection.


On-line LDD catalogue - HRC OPAC

On-line Catalogue offers the possibility for research of over 4000 monograph publications collection existing in LDD. Publications in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, English, German and other languages cover with their content a wide human rights field and other social sciences including law, sociology, economy, history etc.

A unique information resource offers an access and research of over a 6000+ magazines with full text in social and human sciences, and in medicine.




Ask a Librarian
Users of library can pose their questions by e-mail to the following addresses:
Miroslav Živanović (State Management and Humanitarian Affairs)
Saša Madacki (Human Rights and Democracy)
Maja Kaljanac (Library Fund, Masters' Thesis)
You can also pose questions by phoning + 387 33 668 251 (Monday – Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00). To use this service you need to have membership in LDD!

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Constitutional Reform Resource Centre

Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo in cooperation with Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development has started a project "Constiutional Reform Resource Centre". The aim of this project is to form special collection of literature dedicated to constitutional issues and constitutional law with emphasis on constitutional reforms within the Centre's Library and Documentation Department. This collection is envisaged to be resource centre for this field of expertise for expers and legal professionals in this field, professors, postgraduates, students, governmental and non-governmental organisations officers, as well as journallists and citizens of BiH, which could in this way get more familiar with BiH Constiution, constiutional issues, current condition and the very process of constitutional changes, and by that in larger scale involve them in process of decision making on constitutional issues and constitutional changes.  


Odjela za biblioteku i dokumentaciju Centra za ljudska prava Univerziteta u Sarajevu

Priređivači: Saša Madacki, Maja Kaljanac
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