Kurs iz istraživačkih metoda / bibliotečkih tehnika za postdiplomce Evropskog regionalnog magisterija iz ljudskih prava i demokratije akad.god. 2004/2005, Centar za interdisciplinarne postdiplomske studije

for students of European Masters in Human Rights and Democracy

Instructor: Saša Madacki
Coordinator:Nejra Čengić (coordination@cps.edu.ba)

How to use library
Arrange appointment with your Library Tutor by phone at +387 33 66 82 51 from 10-17 or e-mail: mz@see-hrc.net 00-24; contact your Instructor at e-mail: madacki@gmx.net 00-24. You will receive an answer within 24 hrs. Please indicate that you are postgraduate student of ER.MA

General Materials on Methodology and Techinique of Scientific Research
Presentation materials and lectures used for the course within European Studies and State Management and Humanitarian Affairs by prof.dr K.Bakarsic organized by CIPS available here

Using archival resources in human rights research
Using archival resources slideshow available here (right click on link and choose save. this is powerpoint presentation)
Archival Research Techniques & Skills available here

Information research, gathering, evaluation and synthesis
What is the Internet, the World Wide Web, Netscape and Internet Explorer? UC Berkeley available here
Web Research Evaluation Checklist available here
Critically Analyzing Information Sources available here
Alexander, Jan and Marsha Tate. "Teaching Critical Evaluation Skills for World Wide Web Resources." available here
Beck, Susan. "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." Institute for Technology Assisted Learning. available here
Grassian, Esther. "Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources." available here
Harris, Robert. "Evaluating Internet Research Sources." available here
Hendersen, John. "ICYouSee A to Z: T is for Thinking." (A Guide to Critical Thinking About What You See on the World Wide Web) available here
Schultz, Ann. "Evaluating World Wide Web Information." available here

Human Rights Internet and Web based resources
Guide to Human Rights Research (Harvard University) available here
Introduction and Overview, General Human Rights Research Tools and Sources, Human Rights, Materials on Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)and Basic Treaties, Selected Human Rights Topics, Fields and Themes, Human Rights and United States Foreign Policy
Bibliography for Research in International Human Rights Law (University of Minnesota) available here
Compilations of Human Rights Instruments, Status of Human Rights Instruments, Legislative History of Human Rights Instruments, Human Rights Case Law, Jurisprudence, Decisions, and Digests, Rules of Procedure and Guidelines, Research Guides on the Six Major Human Rights Instruments, Refugee Law , Selected Texts, Research Guides and Bibliographies, Periodicals, Book and Periodical Indices, Electronic Sources, Directories, Practice Guides, Congressional Material, Factfinding Methodology, Country Situations, Legal System Information Sources, Country Reports
ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources in Human Rights available here
The Rights International Research Guide for International Human Rights Lawyers available here
Project Diana : An Online Human Rights Archive available here
Human Rights Institutes Database available here
Launched in March 2001, the Human Rights Institutes Database provides information on some 600 research and training institutes in 121 countries.It is based on the output of the DARE Data Bank and prepared on the basis of information received by UNESCO in response to a questionnaire which took into account recent developments and trends in the field of human rights, including procedures for their protection.

Human Rights: Major Starting Points
Human Rights Centre Library, University of Sarajevo click here

How to write research paper
Research Methods available here
A Guide for Writing Research Papers Based on Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation available here
A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on Styles Recommended by The American Psychological Association available here (This link is for your information only. Reccomended is MLA)
Writing Research Papers: A Step-by-Step Procedure available here
Collection of usefull links through Yahoo! Directory available here

Plagiarism in research paper available here
How Not to Plagiarize by Margaret Procter available here
Anti-plagiarism strategies for research papers by Robert Harris available here

Citation Styles and Standards
Style Sheets for Citing Internet & Electronic Resources: Humanities (MLA & Chicago), Scientific (APA & CBE), and History (Turabian) UC Berkeley available here
You will find also citation stlyles under How to write research paper section

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