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Human Rights Reader-book

Text Collection

Wolfgang Benedek, David Bondia, Paolo de Stefani, Sabina Horovic, Venkat Iyer,
Aleksandra Ivankovic, Suzana Bubic, Renate Kicker, Leo F. Zwaak, Kristopher Harland, Jasna Bakšic-Muftic, Sead Traljic, Hajrija Sijercic-Colic, Ljiljana Mijovic, Miroslav Živanovic

Limp binding - 562 pages (December 2001)
Human Rights Centre University of Sarajevo; ISBN: 9958-6541-1-7; dimensions(in centimetres 24 x 17)

Price: 10 KM

“Development of Human Rights Curricula” is a two-year project of the Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo . As a result of this project financed by the European Commission a textbook named “Human Rights Reader-book” was published. It elaborates human rights themes in context of Bosnia and Herzegovina and contains a collection of relevant international and European instruments in human rights, mechanisms of their implementation and procedure. Main aim is to provide students of different academic disciplines an introduction to human rights with special focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina . On nearly 600 pages of textbook professors and practitioners from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina are analysing current situation in the country, with accent on human rights component in Dayton Peace Agreement implementation, while professors from international universities are giving a look at international and European system of human rights protection. All articles of international authors are published in original and in translated version.

Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina : Theory and Practice

Symposium in Graz 1997
Wolfgang Benedek, Otto König, Christian Promitzer, Ermin Sarajlija

Limp binding - 301 pages (1999)
Human Rights Centre University of Sarajevo; ISBN: 9958-9541-0-9; dimensions (in centimetres 20 x 14)

Price: 5 KM

Human Rights for Non-lawyers
Editors: Nebojša B. Vucinic, Vedrana Spajic – Vrkaš, Siniša Bjekovic

Limp binding - 332 pages (2003)
Human Rights Centre university of Montenegro ; ISBN: 86-84521-00-5; dimensions (in centimetres 24 x 17)

Price: 10 KM

Culture of Human Rights
Editor: Mirjana Todorovic

Limp binding - 233 pages (2003)
Belgrade Centre for Human Rights; ISBN: 86-7202-060-X; dimensions (in centimetres 23 x 17)

Price: 10 KM

In the last decade on the territory of the Balkans and South-East Europe the work on improvement of respect of human rights and democratic values has intensified. Centres gathered in regional Human Rights Centre Network are also participating in these efforts. Experiences gained in this period show that full size of respecting human rights cannot be reached only through legislative changes, judicial reforms, education and re-education of legal professionals, improvement of administration, strengthening of local self-management and improvement and expansion of high-school and high-level institution classes. Our centres gave appropriate contribution to this. Nevertheless, heritage that all transitional countries, especially those in our part of the world, are facing demands that attitudes and habits of people be changed from basics and that respect of human rights and human dignity be internalised. This wider complex of human rights enjoyment that doesn't only depend on respect for legal regulations we named as the culture of human rights and decided to deal with it seriously. This text collection is the first break-through in that direction. It is an output of repeated meetings, exchange of opinions and close co-operation of its authors, members of a group organised by the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights.

Students' Rights
Regional research project
Editors: Dražen Pandža, Rebeka Kotlo

Limp binding - 346 pages (2003)
Human Rights Centre Mostar; dimensions (in centimetres 24 x 17)

Price: 10 KM

“Students' Rights”, a one-year regional research project inside HRC-Net in SEE (January 2002-January 2003) is imagined as a unique, interesting, demanding and challenging research work for the South-East Europe region, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo. The aim of the project is to give full attention to actual state of students' rights in the region, to encourage students and public to act and wake them up from their lethargy, to mark-up main and for each environment specific problems and lacks of educational system and student standard, and obstacles in realising students' right to education, as well as to try to find and recommend the best available possibilities for improvement of students' life.

Individual and Collective Human Rights
Dragan Vukadin
Limp binding - 214 pages (2002.)
Magistrate; ISBN: 9958-635-20-8; dimensions (in centimetres 23)
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Are human rights only a peculiarity of a man as an individual, that is, is he the only one who's entitled to it? Can an individual be entitled to human rights only through his belonging to a certain group (collective)? What is the relation between human rights towards groups and their (collective) rights and otherwise, that is, can collective rights be considered as human rights? Who are the actual beneficiaries of collective rights? This book is trying to answer these questions and to put in doubt many theoretical opinions, and by that gets even a discursive character and trying to animate further research of this problem. This book is primarily suitable for students of law and political sciences, but also for all those who are participating, disciplinary and interdisciplinary, in undergraduate and post-graduate studies that have curricula directing towards deeper study and introduction of human rights and also to provide them wider knowledge and foundation for their further work. This book is also suitable for a scientific layman on this subject.