Library and Documentation Department (LDD) is an organisational unit of the Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo , established at the beginning of 2004. LDD has taken over basic functions and tasks of former Information Researches and Library Department (IRLD) in human rights education:

  • Assisting research in human rights
  • Assisting realisation of human rights curricula through:
  • Providing information, mediation to knowledge and resources in order to support researchers and students
  • Retraining all user categories in information technologies/systems
  • Providing all necessities and library-archive needed for research and teaching in human rights
  • Providing information and library-archive to senior researchers, professors and managing structures so they could make decisions based on high-grade information
  • Providing information on possibilities of human rights studies (professional orientation)

Our vision is to develop a unique information resource in human rights education that will be based upon modern information and communication platforms. LDD has an intention to develop a rich library collection that would be an inevitable support to all local and regional human rights education initiatives (curricula in primary, secondary and high-level education institutions, post-graduate studies, specialist courses etc.). Also, LDD has a goal to become crosscutting and initiation point for scientific-research projects, and a platform for exchange of ideas, experiences and good practice.