The Council is expert body of the Centre consisted of eleven members representatives of:

The Faculty of Law,
The Faculty of Political Sciences,
The Faculty of Criminology,
Ombudsmen of FBiH,
Helsinki Committee of BiH,
University in Graz (Austria)European Training and Research Centre,
Office of the High Representative in BiH,
Office of the Council of Europe,
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in BiH,
European Commission and
OSCE Mission to BiH

The Managing board of the University names the Council of the Centre by proposal of the Rector. The Council members mandate is two years, with possibility of one repeated election.

The Council elects its president as one of its members.

Tasks of the Council

The Council

  • establishes the Proposal of the Centre Statute and other general acts of the Centre, and directs them to University Managing Board for enactment,
  • With obtained accordance of the University Managing Board the Council enacts plan and programme of the Centre and monitors its realisation,
  • With obtained accordance of the University Managing Board enacts the budget and annual financial plan of the Centre,
  • submits report on work and report on financial managing to University Managing Board,
  • suggest measures for ensuring means necessary for the work and development of the Centre to University Managing Board,
  • suggests candidate for the position of Centre director to University Managing Board,
  • considers the Centre director report on work and financial managing,
  • monitors and coordinates activities of the Centre
  • Deals with other tasks given by University Rector and Managing board