Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo is honoured to present you with recently published book Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina aimed to present and evaluate existing constitutional and legislative solutions in the field of human rights.

Annual Report on Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2008 is analysis of scope of harmonisation of domestic legislation with key international and regional standards as provided by Council of Europe European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The report is divided in four parts: (1) human rights in legislation; (2) human rights in practice; (3) citizens' awareness on human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina; and (4) selected themes – 2008.

The first part of the Report represents analysis of legislation related to protection of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Analysis of constitutional provisions and key laws relevant for realization of human rights have been analysed, as well as certain suggestions and draft laws of impact for this area. Analysis of relevant material includes also its comparison with correspondent articles of UN Covenants and European Convention on Human Rights, as well as interpretations of the European Court of Human Rights. 

The second part of the Report aims to represent real status of realization of human rights, of their derogations or violations. Authors have systematically monitored selected printed media and reports and analysis of international, domestic and nongovernmental organizations. Extremely extensive material has been collected in this area from which were selected themes and articles undoubtedly pointing out to the severity of violations of human rights and in certain cases representing clear illustration of quality of media reporting on human rights. 

The third part of the Report represents results of opinion poll on citizens’ awareness on human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted on sample of 1101 respondents.

The fourth part of the Report covers two special themes: first dealing with key instruments for human rights protection and problems in their functioning and action, and second aiming to contribute to efforts for maintaining the war crimes trials as one of the main priorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The book has been published in the year 2009 with the support of by Open Society Fund.  Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo, as the publisher, hopes that you will find this incredible book as interesting, valuable and educational as we have.



Download full text of the report

Legal provisions, practice and international human rights standards in the
Bosnia and Herzegovina with public opinion survey (PDF)



Faris Vehabović
Lada Sadiković
Midhat Izmirlija
Adnan Kadribašić
Božana Vasković
Rebeka Kotlo
Elma Veledar-Arifagić
Lejla Hadžimešić
Zarije Seizović
Anđela Lalović
Maša Hičišin
Davor Marko
Saida Mustajbegović
Amra Mehmedić
and others.i